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We provide you help to solve any issues you are facing using Yahoo mail. Why should you choose us? We will provide you with a fast and easy solution with our 24/7 customer support, you can call us anytime with your problem. We will provide you with best solutions.


•    Email storage for about 1 TB

•    Virus and spam protection

•    100 filters to automatically sort emails

•    Supports various protocols like POP3, IMAP



These are a general issue faced by a lot of users. If you encounter any other issues other than which are listed below then you can visit to get help to resolve your problem.

 1.    Slow loading or missing menu options

When you log in it Yahoo to check emails it loads very slow or some of the menu options are missing in the menu and you’re not able to use other options or access other folders of archived or deleted emails.



It can be caused by a slow internet or out-dated browser. You can fix it by using a good network connection and using an updated browser. It’s always to good use a good network connection to 


2.    Contacts or emails are missing

When you log in to your account and see your contacts and emails are missing and you’re not able to find them in your other filtered folders, it would be a problem if those emails were very important.



 In such a case Yahoo has a great feature of restoring emails, your emails can be restored from last 7 days all you have to do is drop restoration request and all your mails deleted or missing will be recovered.


3.    Not able to sign in

When you are not able to log on to your yahoo account because you forgot your password or any other issue



You don’t have to worry in such case as Yahoo have password retrieving feature in case you forgot or lost your yahoo account password and there’s also a backup account feature which you’ve filled during the signup process it can also be used to retrieve your password or security question.


4.    Yahoo account hacked

When your contacts are receiving unwanted emails from your account and your account settings are changed without your knowledge, these are major signs you can look to check if your account is hacked or not.



This is a serious threat to your data and emails when you see something like you should immediately change the password of your account to avoid further and you can also use the sign in helper if you are locked out of your Yahoo account. To get better help in this issue you must contact the Yahoo customer support number.

If these issues remain and they are not getting resolved then you must contact the Yahoo Support to get better assistance and get your issue fixed fast.